Tooty and Lolly are twisting balloons for events around Topeka, Kansas.

Thank you for visiting! Tooty and Lolly will enliven your public gatherings by entertaining and delighting with balloons and antics.
Come Join us at the Downtown Topeka Farmers Market

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We charge $30/hr with tips, and $45/hr if we are not receiving tips. We are available Monday-Saturday only.

Customers can order premade balloons of their choice for their events or parties. These are 75¢ each.

We can also make balloon bouquets. Similar to balloon-a-grams, these are for people who want to send something special to surprise a friend. We write a poem about the recipient based on information from the buyer, then deliver the poem with the balloons related to the words in the poem. These work well for special birthdays, anniversaries, special dates, grandparents’ day, get well wishes, everyday valentines, or just a nice surprise for a friend.

People can also hire us to make cotton candy. We have a professional cotton candy maker. We charge $45 an hour to make cotton candy for events.
To hire cotton candy separately, contact Elizabeth Langley at the same number

Finally, we are available to teach balloon classes as well.

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